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The Scrap Metal Specialists

Before you scrap or recycle your metal, talk to the team at Metal West Recycling

When it comes to scrap metal in Perth no one can match our 35 years of experience and industry know how.We provide our clients big and small with reliable recycling services for all ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as a collection and drop off service.

Organise a Metal Collection

At West Metal Recycling we offer our services to builders, manufacturers, commercial businesses and the general public. We have a modern fleet of trucks that can be booked to collect your scrap metal from any suburb throughout Perth.

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Drop Off Delivery

With our recycling facility conveniently located in Landsdale we can accommodate a range of deliveries from a single ute load to a semi trailer and offer any day of the week drop off service. At the entrance to our facility we also have a state of the art weighbridge.

What We Buy
Trusted by over 300 Perth Businesses What we Recycle

We Scrap & Recycle


we accept all of you scrap ferrous metal

Ferrous Metal

Ferrous materials is metal that contains a presence of Iron and requires a specialist recycling process.

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non ferrous metal recycling

Non Ferrous Metal

Non Ferrous metals are generally void of iron and alloy and primarily comprise of aluminium.

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copper pvc wires

Copper & Brass

We can scrap and recycle most forms of copper and brass including copper cable.

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money paid for stainless steel metal

Stainless Steel

From stainless steel through to shredded and even oversize pieces we have the knowledge and equipment.

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